Welcome to My Strand of the Web
               "I am a writer, a writer of fictions."

While I love that quote, I also write non-fiction in the way of music reviews. Hence the title of my website - why cowboys and vampires? My non-fiction is the former; my fiction embraces the latter (with a trace of the former).

I was born in Wyoming and have lived my life in Arizona. The West is in my blood. I am also a cowgirl, by attitude if not fact.
I like country music. I mean REAL country music, not the crap that Nashville's been cranking out. I write reviews for Roughstock, and have written for and Take Country Back! Find more here, my reviews, blog, and thoughts.
My fiction involves a modern world, urban fantasy if you will, where there is magic and magickal creatures, including vampires, live. My first novel, "Ring of Fire," won second place in the 2005 Southwest Writers contest; I still seek a publisher. In the meantime, I continue to write. Welcome to my world.
Dale Watson with me at the Rhythm Room
              Phoenix, July 6, 2004