Sean Patrick O'Connor was born in April of 1863 to a wealthy cattle barony in the central part of Texas, outside of San Antonio. In 1882, at the age of nineteen, during a business trip to California, he ran into an ancient vampire named Amanda who turned him and changed his life forever. But Sean Patrick didn't turn out to be like other vampires, and kept as much of his old life as he could, including contact with his family. One hundred and twenty-one years later, three days before the death of Johnny Cash, a young vampire hunter named Della Kelley wanders into The Nightmare, a country music nightclub in Burbank. Thus begins "Ring of Fire," award-winning (if unpublished) novel.

Sean Patrick has a large family, spread out across the southwest. His great-great nephew, Matthias O'Connor (Matt), is the current Head of the O'Connor family and in charge of "taking care" of the family vampire/retainer. Matt is in love with Cody Cameron, newest bartender at The Nightmare and daughter of a powerful magickal family, herself.
I was never a big "vampire fan." I liked most fantasy and therefore enjoyed vampire stories, but it wasn't until "Angel" that I really started to get into vampires as a separate genre. I didn't particularly mean to become a "vampire writer," certainly not one who aims to "make vampires the good guys." I just always have been a writer who writes a character first, and then hope that the rest follows. In this case, it was a vampire named Sean Patrick O'Connor.
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Sean Patrick's bar in Burbank
Sean Patrick looks a little like David Tennant as Doctor Who - not exactly, but close!
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